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libvirt and IPv6 net block - attaching ip6 addresses among the virtual machines

When renting a dedicated server usually we get the whole net block of ipv6 addressess in a "package", along with just one or few IPv4 routable address. Having ipv6'es is nice and would be even better to make use of these, especially when IPv6 should not electricize anyone these days. In this post I''ll present a case, how to get workin' ip6 network on a guest virtual machine, which configuration is handled by libvirt(d), using the native v6 address from our rented net block.

Encrypted network traffic between two Linux hosts (the IPSec way)

In this post I will present a tutorial on how to setup an IPSec connection between two Linux hosts, which are running Fedora Linux, but the major part of this howto will also apply to any RHEL based distro. For detailed information about IPSec please refer to the google's search engine. ;-)