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Custom kernel compilation for Odroid U2/U3 on a host running Fedora Linux

The default precompiled kernel available for Odroid U2/U3, which comes from Hardkernel's 3.8.y tree, might not include some of the important, to us, features. Of course Hardkernel's sources are Open Sourced, which means you are free to go with its customization.

Encrypted network traffic between two Linux hosts (the IPSec way)

In this post I will present a tutorial on how to setup an IPSec connection between two Linux hosts, which are running Fedora Linux, but the major part of this howto will also apply to any RHEL based distro. For detailed information about IPSec please refer to the google's search engine. ;-)

Fedora 20 on Odroid U2/U3 with encrypted rootfs

Recently I've bought an Odroid U3 peace of hardware, which is fueled by an Exynos-4412 (Quad core) application processor, providing a 2GB LP-DDR2 RAM and, for 3D graphic, Mali-400 GPU.
So, the first thing after U3's arrival, I wanted to install a Linux Fedora 20 on my microSD card, but on LUKS-encrypted LVM with the ability to unlock it remotely via SSH. And here we begin...