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git-http-backend with Nginx and fastcgi

When you plan to run git-http-backend (which might be a part of Zuul's setup in your CI/CD) along side with Nginx and fastcgi, ensure to put there a proper config in the location, to avoid errors like:

Jenkins Job Builder - why worth using

Jenkins CI is a great tool for continuous integration - it allows running tests, executing nightly builds of your code or any other kind of repetitive tasks. It offers a nice web UI to it's users, through which they can edit or add new jobs. It is, definetly, a must-have software for all kind of developers.

Automate installation of security updates on Centos/RHEL 7 using Ansible and yum-cron.

Installation of security updates is essential. When using Centos/RHEL 7 based linux distribution you can easily automate this process using yum-cron tool, and if you need to deploy it on multiple remote hosts do not hesitate to use Ansible...;-)