Yesterday (19.08.2014) in Poznan, as scheduled, has taken place yet another PyRa - Poznan Python Programmers - meeting (#12), but this time at Egnyte's office. This meeting was in some way different, probably because during the talks there was no man on the 'deck'. ;-)
Also it was a first time for me seeing a new Egnyte's office, and must say the "open space" there is quite spacious, thus allowing more people to sit comfortable.

So as a first prelegent we had Joanna Piechowiak, who were lighting up on the capabilities of the RenPy project, which is a "visual novel engine". The next talk were about Python language itself - Katarzyna Jachim talked on how to (not) use (a.k.a. how to use it in a proper way) objects in Python, since the programmer's mind can be very creative. The third talk was related to the Bio-IT and Python - Joanna Kasprzak showed a particular use case, where a Python can be really useful in the Bio-IT field. Joanna also were emphasizing the fact, that Python is easy to learn, flexible, and can be found in many, many different and yet complex projects. And finally, the last talk by Anna Wszeborowska was dedicated to the Pyladies group. Anna presented the current status of the Pyladies Poland, TODO's - the future, and of course encouraged to join it.

Thank all of the presenters, all of the presses were nice and interesting!

By the way, it has to be said, that in Poznan a group of Python-oriented people has grown, and after seeing PyRa's #12 I have no doubt's saying, that it is going in a right direction. For these who do remember the #PPLUG's meetings in Poznan, this might be a kind of 'follow-up', especially, when there are also talks related to the administering (see PyRa #11, AFAIR).

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