PyRa #12 - Getting Pythonized...

Yesterday (19.08.2014) in Poznan, as scheduled, has taken place yet another PyRa - Poznan Python Programmers - meeting (#12), but this time at Egnyte's office. This meeting was in some way different, probably because during the talks there was no man on the 'deck'. ;-)
Also it was a first time for me seeing a new Egnyte's office, and must say the "open space" there is quite spacious, thus allowing more people to sit comfortable.

Introduction to unprivileged containers (external)

Recently, while dealing with LXCs, I've found a nice blog entry related to the unprivileged LXC containers, which is a new feature in the LXC v1.0.

Booting custom kernel in DigitalOcean's VM instance (a.k.a. droplet)

One of the most popular infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud hosting providers - the DigitalOcean - offers attractive prices for their services. For example, the smallest cloud server instance with 1 Core and 512 MB RAM costs only 5 USD per month. The price is nice you say, so where are the drawbacks?

Encrypted network traffic between two Linux hosts (the IPSec way)

In this post I will present a tutorial on how to setup an IPSec connection between two Linux hosts, which are running Fedora Linux, but the major part of this howto will also apply to any RHEL based distro. For detailed information about IPSec please refer to the google's search engine. ;-)

Fedora 20 on Odroid U2/U3 with encrypted rootfs

Recently I've bought an Odroid U3 peace of hardware, which is fueled by an Exynos-4412 (Quad core) application processor, providing a 2GB LP-DDR2 RAM and, for 3D graphic, Mali-400 GPU.
So, the first thing after U3's arrival, I wanted to install a Linux Fedora 20 on my microSD card, but on LUKS-encrypted LVM with the ability to unlock it remotely via SSH. And here we begin...