Jenkins Job Builder - why worth using

Jenkins CI is a great tool for continuous integration - it allows running tests, executing nightly builds of your code or any other kind of repetitive tasks. It offers a nice web UI to it's users, through which they can edit or add new jobs. It is, definetly, a must-have software for all kind of developers.

Custom kernel compilation for Odroid U2/U3 on a host running Fedora Linux

The default precompiled kernel available for Odroid U2/U3, which comes from Hardkernel's 3.8.y tree, might not include some of the important, to us, features. Of course Hardkernel's sources are Open Sourced, which means you are free to go with its customization.

Automate installation of security updates on Centos/RHEL 7 using Ansible and yum-cron.

Installation of security updates is essential. When using Centos/RHEL 7 based linux distribution you can easily automate this process using yum-cron tool, and if you need to deploy it on multiple remote hosts do not hesitate to use Ansible...;-)

Attaching to a running Docker's container

During the Dockerfile's development, and later it's deployment, the need for debugging might arise. Sometimes it would be nice to have a possibility to attach to a newly deployed, running container, to do the troubleshooting, in case if something inside of a container happened unexpected. 

S.M.A.R.T. disk poller - hdd monitoring using Zabbix

This post will be based on the official Zabbix's wiki entry. However, I'm gonna take another approach here, which is to not use the sudo command by the Zabbix.